„You’ll never walk alone.“
Oskar Hammerstein II
We would like to thank all sponsors and partners for their valuable support. We are delighted to have encountered so many dedicated individuals, companies and projects that share our values.

In view of growing threats such as environmental destruction, climate change, extinction of species and many more, mankind is facing immense challenges. And paths for improvement are easier to findtogether. We at SeedForward are determined to follow these paths as far as possible.

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Profound knowledge, drive, entrepreneurial spirit and the best ideas are of little use if there is not enough money to build up a business and bring your own products to market maturity. In addition to public funding, we have also received great support from the private sector:

Our sincere thanks to the Brigitte and Aloys Coppenrath Foundation and the Bruno Steinhoff Foundation for Science and Research for their loyal support.

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Everything could be better. Or maybe not? But whining does not help, only decisive action. At a time when intelligent and highly efficient technologies are readily available, which until recently we could only dream of, fascinating new paths are opening up. Everywhere new ideas are sprouting up from the ground – like the seeds of SeedForward. People develop visions, methods, companies. Networking, working together, changing the world. For (another quote): “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come” (Victor Hugo)

Alt Madlitz - active for the future

On the beautiful Schlossgut Alt Madlitz estate in the east of Brandenburg, not only are organic farming and forestry practiced, but a real hot spot for innovative ideas and projects for sustainable agriculture and especially for improving soil fertility has been created here.

Experiments, field tests and long-term studies are carried out in cooperation with start-ups and research institutions. Office space and a Bed & Breakfast are also available for those involved. Managing Director Benedikt Bösel, a former investment banker, is also passionately involved in professional and political circles for healthy, sustainable agriculture.

Seedhouse - an incubator for start-ups

A former tank workshop and an accelerator programme, this is the Seedhouse in Osnabrück. Workshop and office space for company founders from the agricultural, food and digital sectors, coupled with all-round support for all matters of company development.

Competent coaching and access to a network of potential customers, investors and partners. What makes it special: the project is funded in equal parts by the state of Lower Saxony and an association of over 20 medium-sized companies in the region.

Reber’s innovative agriculture - indigenously fertile

Michael Reber, a farmer in Gailenkirchen near Schwäbisch Hall is a real authority and a tireless activist on soil fertility . He keeps his 138 hectares of arable land green all year round through catch crops and nurse crops. This keeps the soil alive, provides a strong topsoil and avoids soil erosion by rain or wind.

At some point he started giving talks on this topic. In the meantime he travels all over the country for lectures and seminars. It’s certainly not easy for Michael Reber to manage all this. But it’s still very good news – it shows that awareness of soil issues is growing significantly and more and more farmers are starting to change course.

Michael Reber’s Blog:
Michael Reber on Facebook:

Chilling and saving the earth

“Everyone wants to save the world, we start with the earth”, say the makers of ChillChoc, the relaxing hemp cocoa. The idea behind it: enjoying good things and doing good at the same time. Every cup of ChillChoc promotes open-source projects on humus development, soil conservation and education in Sri Lanka and Brazil.

The CBD (cannabidiol) contained in the hemp is responsible for the relaxing effect. In accordance with legal regulations, the psychoactive ingredient THC is not contained in the ChillChoc cocoa mixtures, or only in very small quantities.

Four delicious varieties are on offer: ChillChoc!

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Support programmes and competitions are extremely important to let new ideas mature into functioning enterprises. We put a lot of energy into it and learned a lot. People grow with their tasks.

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