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Biological media and ex-vitro substrate preparations for sustainable micropropagation and cultivation of economically relevant cultures

The aim of this innovation project is to develop an alternative to conventional media and ex-vitro substrate preparations enabling sustainable micropropagation and plant cultivation.

Compared to conventional nutrient media/substrate additives these biological media are composed exclusively of diverse, complex organic and biological components obtained from various plant extracts and natural substances.

Together with our partner Piccoplant, the developed biological media are tested on economically relevant cultures.


NBank, Lower Saxony Innovation Support Program for Research and Development in Companies


Piccoplant Mikrovermehrungen GmbH


Development of a hydrogel for biological pelleting of seeds in line with the natural mechanism of plant germination.

In this project, SeedForward is developing a biological seed pill. The pelleting should consist of several layers, which then break up in the soil after water absorption.

The application of special hydrogels in the pelleting process is intended, on the one hand, to enable seed germination only when sufficient water is available and, on the other hand, to enhance the binding of moisture to the seed so that optimum germination conditions are present even in drier soil conditions.


INTERREG V A Germany Netherlands


Innovations – inspired by nature


Agathos B.V.


Development of a novel soil conditioner containing humic substances from plant raw materials and residues

Humic acids – development of an agent for soil improvement. The main active ingredients are said to be humic acids obtained from composted plants.

In this project, SeedForward is researching the effect of humic substances derived from composted residues on plant growth and development.


NBank – Support program for low-threshold innovations in small and medium-sized enterprises and craft enterprises