Barley Results Raiffeisen Ems-Vechte

In addition to the production of compound feed, Raiffeisen Ems-Vechte supplies farmers in the region with all other resources in the area of plant cultivation. In addition to receiving and processing grain and rapeseed from the agricultural sector, services here include the sale and delivery of fertilizers, pesticides and seed, for example. Here, too, their cultivation consultants advise farmers in the region.

Since 2019, SeedForward has been working in close cooperation with the cooperative. Our GRAINGUARD is tested on the beautifully landscaped test fields in Emsland. “We want to go new ways. It is particularly important for us today to test innovative, efficient and EU-compliant products in order to be able to offer our customers attractive alternatives and guarantee their yield stability”, says Bertwin Hurink, Head of Plant Production at Raiffeisen Ems-Vechte.

A few days ago the barley was harvested from the trial fields. The result is highly satisfactory: in contrast to the chemically dressed barley, the barley coated with GRAINGUARD and chemical base dressing has an increased yield of 4%. We are looking forward to further results from rye, wheat and triticale!






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