Interview with farmer Philip Krainbring

Philip Krainbring is a trained and educated farmer. He grew up on an arable farm and was confronted with the challenges of agriculture early on. Today, he has turned his passion into a profession and runs a 350 ha arable farm in the Magdeburger Börde. Philip is known on the scene for his social media activity and contributions in agrarheute. “I have been dealing with the future of agriculture for a long time, exchanging ideas with other farmers and am open to new ideas in the agricultural sector,” says Philip in an interview we conducted with him.

“The greatest challenges on our farm were the extreme drought and the resulting drop in yields over the last two years. In addition, the EU fertilizer regulations are getting stricter every year,” Philip points out. Out of this need he became interested in effective alternatives to chemical synthetic agents and in agricultural methods that are environmentally friendly and make agriculture resistant to climate change.

“In principle, I learn most about agricultural innovations through exchanges with my colleagues, at events or sometimes through social media,” says Philip. A friendly colleague told him about SeedForward for the first time and his experiences with the product MAISGUARD. When he then met SeedForward founder Jacob P. Bussmann at the DLG Winter Conference 2018, his interest in the ecological seed coating MAISGUARD was great. “I used the seed dressing for 10-15 hectares. I had electron-treated seeds directly treated by SeedForward. The process was very straightforward and didn’t require any extra effort on my part,” he says.

Of course, we were particularly interested in whether Philip was satisfied with the results: “The corn is still standing and so I cannot give any precise information about the yield, but the plants treated with MAISGUARD appear better compared to those treated conventionally. I also dug out a few plants and could see a stronger root growth”.

In the future, Philip wants to try out more new things and work with both microorganisms in grain and alternative seed coatings. “I would also like to try out the new GRAINGUARD product from SeedForward soon,” explains Philip.