Interview with Horst Wieligmann

What is so special about MAISGUARD?

There are three main advantages. On the one hand, the plant stays green longer compared to conventionally dressed plants that are grown in the same field and from the same seed. The stem is also thicker than in comparable plants. And last but not least I can save on underfoot fertilizer.

What does SeedForward mean to you?

What SeedForward produces for conventional and organic farming is trend-setting. This can be seen in the significantly improved root growth alone. You can really see, whether it’s grain or corn, the root growth is quite different.

What is the main benefit of SeedForward products?

That I have an additional yield with the same effort and at the same time do not damage the environment.

Why did you choose SeedForward?

Let me put it this way, there is no such thing as equal. It is fascinating what the Jan Ritter stirs together in good German. The product has strong persuasive power.

What has changed in your cultivation since then?

We have been using MASIGUARD for three years now. We have found that even without underfoot fertilizer the same yield is there as before with the use of Mesurol and full underfoot fertilization. So I have the possibility to change the whole fertilizer balance, because I need less minerals. The stronger root growth additionally opens up the soil in a completely different way.

What do you wish for the future?

I hope that the population here in the country will appreciate agriculture more and also learn to appreciate the regionality.

What do you wish for SeedForwards future?

That they continue as beautifully as before.