Interview with Johann Falter

Johann Falter is a farmer and entrepreneur. In 2019 he was nominated for the Ceres Award as farmer of the year. With full zest for action he took over the family business some years ago. With new ideas he strives for a continuous improvement of his business. For him standstill means regression. As an entrepreneur Johann Falter produces and markets, among other things, his own natural fertilizer, produced from the fermentation residue of his biogas plant. From production, processing to packaging, everything is done on the organic farm by three generations.

Why did you choose MAISGUARD?

I was looking for a bio-based dressing, which does not exist in the organic sector. In general, we are increasingly using micronutrients on our organic farm. Through the social network and other farmers I became aware of MAISGUARD. So we decided to give it a try. Afterwards we treated almost all of our seeds with MAISGUARD and were delighted. We have sown five different varieties and each variety reacted well with the dressing, the youth development was also a dream.

What has improved by using MAISGUARD?

Early development of the plant is particularly important for our region. If the nutrient supply of a plant is appropriate, the youth development of the corn plant is also faster and better. That was my main feature. We always have days where it still gets very cold at night and the corn plant should not suffer from that. With MAISGUARD we made the right decision, a faster youth growth was given and the root growth was remarkably strong. I have never seen a root growth like this.

What does the company SeedForward stand for you?

For me, SeedForward stands for a young and innovative company with young people who want to get things moving. This corresponds exactly to my expectations. I think you should support something like this, especially if it works. In my opinion, the concept of SeedForward is extremely sustainable.

What do you wish for the future of SeedForward?

As for every company, I wish for continuous improvement of the products. I hope that the products and the product portfolio will be continuously developed further.

In one sentence, what do you wish for the future of agriculture?

I hope that our policy understands us and simply involves the practitioners in decisions. If our politicians understand this, then agriculture will be fun again and you can earn some money in our industry.