New MAISGUARD test results

Various independent corn field trials have shown that with a 50% saving in underfoot fertilisation, the results are consistently successful by using MAISGUARD.

When we arrive in Westerkappeln at an experimental farm run by the Wieligmann family, we are surprised by the conspicuously high growth of the corn. We asked Mr. Wieligmann what the reason for this was: “That’s the way it is here in this area. Our soil has about 50-60 ground points and the corn seems to like it here” he says. He also used 20 ha of seeds treated with MAISGUARD. “The corn looks well and I noticed that the stalks are a little thicker” says Wieligmann.

In a field trial he mainly tested how the use of underfoot fertilisation in different dosages affects plants treated with MAISGUARD. For this he used 100%, 50% and no underfoot fertilisation in plots, in each case with seeds treated with Maisguard. The results show that with a 50% reduction, the corn grows equally well. Even when no underfoot fertilizer is used, there is only a minimal difference.

We are curious what the harvest results will be in a few weeks. We will keep you up to date. Follow us on our social media channels!


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