SeedForward at the World Food Convention 2019

Every year, the World Food Convention brings together decision makers from politics, business and science to discuss the future of agriculture. In 2017, the Tagesspiegel recognised how important it is to bring the topic of food production with all its challenges to the centre of society and created the World Food Convention. It is not only farmers who are responsible for a functioning agricultural system that can feed humanity and at the same time protect the environment, but everyone who eats food. The participants agreed on one thing this year: the only solution to the challenges of our food system is a radical change in our eating habits, in food production and processing and in the political handling of these issues.

Our Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, is committed to a globally viewed food system and to the transfer of knowledge between different disciplines, beyond national borders. In her keynote speech she stressed the potential of digitisation for efficient agriculture.

We had the good fortune to participate in the Pioneers’ pitch and present the basic principles of SeedForward, as well as our ecological products as alternatives to chemically-synthetic substances in agriculture. It was particularly important for us to make it clear that we must take a holistic and forward-looking view of the agricultural system. Agricultural policy must extend beyond the legislative period in order to guarantee sustainable solutions. However, digitisation is not the only solution; agriculture must be considered systematically.

Besides us, start-ups like PEAT, Agrikaab Ltd and Mimika presented their ideas in the Pioneers’ Pitch. 700 guests from all over the world attended the event and ensured a lively exchange of knowledge.

The programme for the World Food Convention 2019 can be found here.