TV contribution on ZDF heute journal

Last week a film team from ZDF visited us. We had an exciting day of shooting at our production partner Jan Großterlinden and on the test fields of Raiffeisen Ems-Vechte. The article is about Osnabrück as an AgTech valley and the Seedhouse as the birthplace of Lower Saxony’s agricultural start-ups.

Our friend and colleague Victor große Macke is where we once started. With his idea of calming pigs with lavender scent and thus reducing incidents like tail biting, he inspires many. SeedForward is regarded as a model company that emerged from the Seedhouse.

The agricultural sector around the world is facing major challenges and therefore needs innovative solutions that enable sustainable and environmentally-friendly production while feeding the world’s population more than ever. We are proud and happy to be part of this innovative community and look forward to many exciting new companies in the district of Osnabrück.