What is being done in Brussels?

The EU is struggling to reorient the “Common Agricultural Policy” (CAP). In other words, the distribution of agricultural subsidies. This is a key question from an ecological point of view: should the level of payments be based on the area or the performance of farmers? The majority of the European Parliament’s agricultural committee has just voted in favour of area. This is in stark contrast to the declared objective of the EU to make agriculture in Europe more ecological and sustainable.
How does that work? How does the agricultural committee work? Do the parliamentarians represent the interests of the population? And does the German Farmers’ Association represent the interests of the farmers?
A team of reporters from the ARD television network has looked into such questions and found some frightening answers:
The story on ARD: Bought agricultural policy?
Broadcast on 29.04.2019 | 44 min | Available until 29.04.2020 in the ARD media library

And here you can read the announcement of the programme on tagesschau.de

On the same topic, here is an article in the Süddeutsche: Questionable interrelations

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