New in our assortment: MAISGUARD BIO

With the further development and product adaptation to the EU directive VO (EG) 834/2007, SeedForward GmbH succeeded in October 2019 in making MAISGUARD also available for organically certified seed. The green light from the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) means that MAISGUARD Bio can now also be used to stabilize yields on organic farms.

MAISGUARD Bio is an innovative nutrient dressing with growth stimulants. It increases the germination rate, effectively supplies the young plant stock with the right nutrients and strengthens root growth as well as the resistance of the plant to weather influences and pests.
This promises farmers considerable savings in fertilization and labor costs as well as stable yields even under difficult growing conditions. The product contains no environmental toxins and is not harmful to bees.

KFW/Photographer: Thorsten Futh

With the organic certification of the nutrient seed treatment MAISGUARD, SeedForward has taken a big step in the company’s development. “It is particularly important for us to be able to offer our products to both conventional and organic farms. We do not differentiate between cultivation methods, for us it is important to work towards sustainable agriculture” say the founders Jan Ritter and Jacob Bussmann.

The product is available through our distribution partner L. Stroetmann Saat, one of the leading German seed distributors. In addition to various conventional varieties, which are already available on the German market from various suppliers with MAISGUARD, Stroetmann now offers interested organic farms Eastwood (S 210) and LG 31,233 (S 230) varieties in organic quality, which can be treated with MAISGUARD BIO on request.

Seed coatings have long been used for better growth, crop protection and reliable yields. Research and discussion of environmental and health hazards is increasingly leading to bans or approval restrictions on individual products and ingredients. Risk-free alternatives are urgently needed.

More information about the product can be found here.

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