Soil fertility: why it is crucial and how SEEDFORWARD contributes to it

Healthy soil is the backbone of successful agriculture. But what exactly makes a soil fertile and how can we improve and maintain this soil fertility?

In this article, we take a deep dive into the topic of soil fertility and discover how Seedforward's products can help improve soil properties.

Field beans in bloom
Healthy soil (source: Adobe Stock)

The foundation of growth: what is soil fertility?

Let's start with the basics: soil fertility refers to the ability of the soil to provide optimal growing conditions for plants. It encompasses a variety of soil functions including nutrient availability, soil structure, water content and soil life activity. In agriculture, fertile soil is the basis for high yields and high-quality products.


Humus and soil life: A critical duo

Humus is at the heart of fertile soil. Humus is rich in nutrients and improves the soil structure, which in turn favours root growth. Humus is also a source of carbon for plant growth and an excellent water reservoir. But humus alone does not make fertile soil. This is where soil life comes into play - a lively community of microorganisms that break down organic substances and convert them into nutrients available to plants.

Young leaves in the soil
Young leaves in spring (source: Landpixel)


Less chemistry, more nature

Now it's getting exciting: How does Seedforward fit into this puzzle? Seedforward products are designed to reduce the use of chemicals. Chemical fertilisers, pesticides and especially fungicides can severely damage soil life and thus negatively impact soil fertility. By focussing on natural alternatives, we promote a richer and more active soil biology.


Root growth: the key to healthy soil

One of the most remarkable effects of SEEDFORWARD products is the promotion of root growth. A strong root system is not only crucial for the plant's nutrient and water uptake, but also contributes to humus build-up. More root exudates mean more food for the soil microbes, which leads to improved nutrient exchange.

Trial evaluation Jan Ritter in the field
Trial evaluation by Jan Ritter from SEEDFORWARD (source: Thorsten Futh)

The comprehensive approach: SEEDFORWARD in action

What does this mean in practice? Let's assume you use SEEDFORWARD products in your arable farming. Not only do you experience a reduction in the need for chemical fertilisers, but you can also see an improvement in soil structure and function. This leads to a healthier soil and ultimately to higher yields and better plant quality.

Summary: For a sustainable future of agriculture

In conclusion, promoting soil fertility is a crucial step for the future of agriculture. By integrating Seedforward products into agricultural practice, we not only support the health of our soils, but also contribute to sustainability and efficiency in agriculture. It's time we appreciate the soil for what it is - the foundation for all growth.

The revolutionary seedFX® technology from Seedforward

A key factor that sets SEEDFORWARD products apart is the innovative and patented seedFX® technology. This technology forms the core of our GUARD product line and is suitable for both conventional and organic farming. The seedFX® technology is based on a complex basic formulation of over 20 natural active ingredients and nutrients that enable harmonious interaction. This interaction utilises synergistic effects to support the entire vegetation period of the plants - from germination to harvest.

This technology adapts individually to each crop. Through intensive research and development, the basic formulation is customised for each crop, ensuring that each GUARD product is perfectly adapted to the needs of the individual plant. The seedFX® technology improves seed swelling and germination, stimulates the soil microbiome and promotes healthy root growth. This results in a stronger plant with increased resistance to stress factors and improved nutrient and water uptake.

Overall, seedFX® technology enables efficient and sustainable plant cultivation, which has a positive effect on soil fertility and ultimately on yield. With Seedforward and its unique technology, we are setting a new standard in agriculture and helping to sustainably strengthen the relationship between plant, soil and environment.

seedFX® technology

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