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Grow better

Despite everything

Due to climate change, water and soil scarcity, as well as disease and pest infestation, the need for safe processes for efficient and sustainable agricultural production is growing worldwide.

SeedForward focuses on the global transition to sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Only the protection and preservation of ecosystems guarantees long-term food security.

Well packed

Thanks to the new seed treatment, the young plant receives all the important nutrients for a successful start in the crop.

Despite everything

With the newly developed, comprehensive mixture of active ingredients, seed treatment ensures healthy growth and excellent youth development, even under difficult conditions.

All-round package

Stress-resistant crop development, higher field emergence, increased yield in field trials, improved nutrient and water utilisation and assured yield stability under extreme conditions.

Strong growth

The most important micronutrients and special growth stimulants strengthen plant health and increase stress tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress factors.

Focus on Soil

The plant is protected from the point of sowing and provides a lasting improvement in soil structure.

Moving forward together


Our sponsors and partners


We would like to thank all sponsors and partners for their valuable support. We are delighted to have encountered so many dedicated individuals, companies and projects that share our values.

In the face of climate change, species extinction, destroyed ecosystems and much more, mankind is facing immense challenges. Paths into a sustainable world are easier to find together and therefore SeedForward is determined to go down these paths with strong partners.

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