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We are continuously working on the development of new products as well as on the further development of existing products. The precise adaptation of the seedFX® technology, as well as its tailoring with crop-specific technical aids requires a pronounced trial scheme.

After intensive research in the laboratory and greenhouse, we test our prototypes in extensive field trials. A broad database, which includes trials with different varieties, soil and environmental conditions over several growing seasons, is essential for our product development.

In addition to independent bodies and GEP-certified trial institutes, we also rely on farms that apply our prototypes under practical conditions. By working closely with farmers from an early prototype stage, we can draw on valuable feedback from farmers.



The CANOLAGUARD prototype aims to establish a strong crop with high yield potential. The trial results demonstrate promising findings, which will be further tested in the current growing season. By using the new trial results, the prototype CANOLAGUARD will be further developed.

CANOLAGUARD ensures strong autumn development, which is of enormous importance for yield formation, especially in canola. The canola plants treated with the prototype have an average of 20% more root mass than the check.

Together with an increased root surface, resources such as immobile nutrients and water can be tapped and used more efficiently. Experimental results also show a 25% increase in shoot mass, which is made up of a larger leaf area (+ 12%) and an increased root neck diameter.

By specifically promoting pre-winter root development, the plant can store more energy in the root. This enables a solid overwintering period and a powerful start into spring. This lays the foundation for an ideal plant supply and the basic conditions for good budding.

Stress-stable stand development in all growth phases provides the best conditions for assured yield stability.

CANOLAGUARD is applicable as a seed treatment for canola, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, cabbage, turnip, radish, red cabbage, and white cabbage.

CANOLAGUARD is ready to use and can be stored for at least 12 months, whether on the seed or in the canister. CANOLAGUARD is compliant with current EU directives.

with crop-specific additives



The first trials of the prototype VEGGIEGUARD show positive results across the different vegetable crops, which are used for further development of the seed treatment. Comprehensive trials have again been set up in the current growing season. Average values of VEGGIEGUARD compared to the control will follow after the harvest has been completed and the ongoing trials have been evaluated.

VEGGIEGUARD resulted in faster and increased germination in germination tests with spinach. In field trials, spinach treated with VEGGIEGUARD showed increased field emergence and improved youth development. An increased shoot and root mass could be observed on compared to the check. In the further growth phases, VEGGIEGUARD led to a higher crop density. At harvest, an increased yield could be determined compared to the check.

Furthermore, VEGGIEGUARD increased the germination capacity and shoot vigour of tomatoes in a lab trial. In the young tomato plants, an increased shoot and root fresh mass was observed compared to the check.

In a strip trial where carrots were treated with VEGGIEGUARD, the treated plants showed improved youth development and a more vigorous crop compared to the control. The crop had both a larger diameter and a longer root.

VEGGIEGUARD is applicable as a seed treatment for spinach, carrot, tomato, basil, dill, iceberg lettuce, endive, lamb's lettuce, cucumber, lettuce, pumpkin, spring onion, bell pepper, parsley, leaf lettuce, salad rocket, chives, zucchini.

VEGGIEGUARD is ready to use and can be stored for at least 12 months, whether on the seed or in the canister. VEGGIEGUARD and VEGGIEGUARD Bio are compliant with current EU directives.

VEGGIEGUARD Bio is listed for organic farming in Germany.

with crop-specific additives

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